Wednesday, July 15, 2020

I'm a travelin' man...

...or so it seems. We left Top O' the morn at 8 :30 CDT and, after a couple of stops, arrived at Wilderness Resort in Lac La Belle, MI around 3ish EDT.  It's a new, small campground that is shady and beautiful.  Lots of shade, good for sitting out, not so good for solar.  Since power is included we don't care about the solar.

We do not have cell phone service.  As long as we're at our campground we have cell phone usage through their wifi.  We may be places during the day that also has service and will check messages and emails.  I may not post much, at least pictures, until we get back to central WI next week.

Looking forward to lots of lighthouses, maybe a copper mine tour, rock hunting and who knows what else!  We had hoped to go see Isle of Royale National Park.  It's an island and only acessible by boat or seaplane.  The National Park is the only tour boat (3 hours each way) and it's not operating because of covid. A sea plane would be neat, but goes well beyond our budget.  So, we'll just have to come back for that.  Some scenery from today.

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