Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Empty RV

Thanks Chris for helping us unload, store (in garage and 2 bedrooms), taking a picture (I was totally negligent in my duty all day), and maybe reload in a couple of weeks?  I think taking it out was easier than it will be putting it back in.  The RV is really naked.  Nothing  much in the basement, under the bed, dinette seats, or in the fridge. 

Pat needs to clean his tool storage compartment.

Under the bed

We are in the process of becoming Florida residents.  Trying to do as much of the work as we can without going to FL, we stopped at the Marion police department to get our vin numbers authenticated so we can license our vehicles on line. We really appreciated Sgt. Richard Holland doing this for us!  What a great guy!!  To get our drivers licenses we will have to make a brief appearance in FL. though.

Squaw Creek is a Lynn county park near Marion, IA.  It's about 20 minutes from Chris and a beautiful campground.  We've been here before and it's  definitely one of our favorites.

Pat, myself and Krikkit are very tired tonight!


  1. Why did you have to unload for 2 weeks?

    1. A previous warranty repair to the floor, not done by Thor, has a seam problem and they said last time we were there they would replace the entire floor under warranty. There is a leak in the basement that they couldnt find last time, and we can't either, but it was reported under warranty and it still leaks. A few other things they didn't get done last time. Since we will be 5 hours away (can't stay in your unit while they are working on it because of Covid) we wanted anything out that could be in their way of completing all items.

    2. We didn't take anything out of closets or cabinets unless it would interfere so they are still full.

  2. If we were Medicare age it wouldn't matter, but since we will be off cobra soon and buying on the market, SD health insurance would be in state, with everything out of SD would be out of network. Florida Blue is a BC/BS plan that is nation wide.