Friday, July 3, 2020

Gooseberry Falls

Question of the day:  Would you let your husband cut your hair????

On Thursday we went to Gooseberry Falls State Park.  Disappointed that the lighthouse at Split Rock State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse, was closed due to Covid.  Actually we expected the actual lighthouse to be closed, and wouldn't have gone in during this busy time if it were open. The sad part was the entire lighthouse area was closed.  I posted a picture on the 30th of Split Rock when we visited 8 years ago. We did hike to Gooseberry Falls at Gooseberry State Park today.  Whereas there were quite a few people there, it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be with it being the week before the 4th.

We took the path the went to the middle and lower falls first.  This path was wheelchair accessible so Krikkit's stroller went easily.  The falls had plenty of water and there were younger people (like less than 60 years old) climbing around them and playing in the water at the bottom.

Pat is to the left of the falls.

That is a cave at the top of the falls.

To go to the lower falls, of which there were 2, it required going down quite a few steps.  I stayed up with Krikkit and sent Pat down.  Then we headed up to the upper falls. 

Upper Falls

We talked about coming back in the evening when there were less people, it was cooler, and we woukd leave Krikkit in the RV, but it was still hot.  Turns out it was a record temperature in Duluth this year of 90°, and the first time it hit 90° since 2018.  90 doesn't sound bad, but the sun was strong and it was pretty miserable.

A big tunnel and pretty scenery getting to the park.  Quite a variety of flowers too.  There was a statue commemorating the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) that worked here in the 1930's.   The CCC provided work for families struggling during the Great Depression.   We did a stop at Betty's Pies on our way back home.  I remembered going here 8 years ago, so I was pretty sure it was a good stop!  Pat went to the "to-go" area outside.  I swear he was gone over an hour but he came back with a piece of Raspberry Rhubarb for himself and Bumbleberry for me.  I'm sure most would think I would go for Chocolate.  I'm not a big fan of pie but I do like Banana Cream, I just didn't want to risk the milk in it.  My second pick is becoming my favorite I think,  Bumbleberry, and that's what Pat got for me.  He said many people had masks on and all were trying to social distance during the wait.  Both of us agreed it was well worth the long wait!!

Friday we had to return to Duluth for my meds.  We picked up lunch at Uncle Loui's Cafe, downtown and went to Playfront Park to eat.  Tables spread out in the shade and a view of Duluth and the top of Aerial lift bridge.  The fish was good.  I'm sure the fries were good too, but Pat isn't a fan of fries and I don't care for seasoned fries.

Uncle Loui's

Now, back to the question, would you let your husband cut your hair?  I did!!  My before picture was a few months ago so it was longer today.  I liked the length and my Mom would have loved that I has some curls again, although not as many as when I was little.  The heat got the better of me AND short hair is much easier to take care of when dry-camping.  I told him to put the longest attachment on it and go to it.  He was hesitant but I told him by the time we got back from this trip it would be long enough I could go somewhere and get it "repaired" if needed.  He did a great job.  The after photo will be tomorrow.

Pat ready to tackle the job!

My little-self curls

Cell phone and internet has not been the best here.  Pretty sure it will get worse as we head north.


  1. Good idea but not sure it would matter much, it's pretty short! As I told Pat, I've had it this short before. Unlike his, mine always grows back!🤣 Hope it cools off down there. It got down in upper 50's overnight. So nice to be opened up.

  2. Love the picture of your "little-self curls". How old are you in the picture? I don't think I even had hair until I was 2 and it definitely wasn't curly. My hair is long enough the I just pull it up and that works for now.

    1. I think I was 2-3. By the time I was 4 I had slimmed down and had a lot less curl. Mine wasn't long enough to pull back.