Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone was able to enjoy July 4th.  No firework displays allowed in MN this year--Krikkit will be happy, lol.

We took a trip to Two Harbors, MN this morning, Friday.  It is a town of 3700.  It is very much a tourist destination but it also has a history, past and present, in iron ore. It was a gorgeous morning to be outside.  Breezy along the lake and in the 70's.  I didn't think about it or we would have taken a picnic lunch as others were doing.

Gigantic lakers (large ships that sail the Great lakes) can be found around the iron ore (used to make steel) docks in Agate Bay.  We saw one ship leaving when we were walking on the breakwater wall, and another coming in as we were leaving.  As well as the paved path down by the breakwater wall, we took a gravel path for a short ways along the lake. Krikkit walked on the way back but, as usual, was too consumed by smells to care about anything else!

Light on the breakwater wall

Looking at the town of Two Harbors

The "laker" leaving port as we got there.

She could have stayed in this one spot all day.

The Sonju trail takes you to Burlington Bay and a beach.  We did not venture there today.

Two Harbors Light Station, above the breakwater wall, currently is a bed and breakfast operated by the Historical Society.  It had a sign that there were tours but the gates were locked.  It is supposedly the oldest continuously operated lighthouse in MN.   We walked along the fence though and did not see any lights in the tower.

The 5th Street Malt Shoppe, located on 7th St., is only open on Sat. and Sun. beginning at noon.  We were there before that time, and although tempted, decided to head back to our RV.  About 5 miles from our RV Park is the Great Lakes Candy Kitchen, with Walnut fudge and air candy (sponge candy, or honeycomb to me).  They had a small building around back where they had just a few items readily available for sale if you wore a mask, otherwise, you ordered on-line and could pick your selections up out front.  On-line air candy said sold out, but so did walnut fudge although they had it in the little building out back!  I got 2 chunks.  Told Pat maybe I would freeze one.  He just looked at me. I said, ok, I could freeze one for tomorrow at least!  It is, and ALMOST was (just one of the pieces), excellent fudge!!  When I was pregnant with our oldest I made a chocolate cake one day, and was proud of myself for saving Pat a small piece--no self control!

Pat grilled burgers for lunch and now all 3 of us are doing what old people (and dogs) do, napping!


  1. That is a pretty short haircut, but it will grow out. :)
    I cut the boys hair. It took 3 times to get Landon's to the right style and it is far from perfect although he is partly to blame for the " mistakes". Nicolas won't let me do any more so it is not very good at all. I'm used to cutting Mike's hair which is very different from theirs. Nicolas has very thick hair!!

  2. There was no fudge left to share.

    1. I told him I've had it this short before and it will grow out! He complained the xlippers didn't cut because there was too much hair.

  3. It is a beautiful spot. Pat doesnt eat sugary things!

  4. Ann, I love your short cut! Pat did a great job! I know it will feel so much cooler! The fudge did look good! Good thing Pat doesn't like the sugar stuff! lol!

    1. Pat said, "from an expert." It is short. Makes it easier to take care of when we are dry-camping and water is limited!