Sunday, July 19, 2020

Thanks to Toni and Eric for hosting the Piepers for Christmas, part 17

Pat's niece Robin, and her husband Robert, live within walking distance of Eric.  They were leaving for Christmas and needed dog sitters for their 2 seniors, Bill and Ted.  I think it worked out well for both of us.  Josh and his family stayed with Eric's, and we stayed at Robin's along with Chris.  Thanks to Eric and Toni for putting up with all of us!

Bill and Ted

We picked up Josh, Zia, Cyrus and Samira from the airport one day, and Chris the next.  The grandkids did a lot of playing and visited Circle Park, again.  Christmas was hectic but fun! 


Uncle Chris is under there somewhere!

Santa cookies

Grandkids are the best!

Our "little" boys.

Grammy had a shopping date and lunch with the 3 oldest girls.  The rest of the group went to a park nearby so Cyrus could see a big ship.  Houston's Magical Winter Lights were indeed magical.  They were amazing!  Pictures don't do them justice.

Shopping and lunch

While we shopped everyone else went to see the ships.

Houston's Magical Winter Lights


Everyone came to Galveston one day to see where we live.  Despite the cold weather the kids enjoyed the beach.  We went out for dinner and then, surprise, to La Kings.

Can't get enough of them!

Dinner at Coastal Grill

Dessert at La Kings 

Eric, Toni, Josh and Zia went out for the evening and we took charge of all 6 kids, or did they take charge of us?  Watched some shows, did some crafts and just had a lot of fun.  

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  1. Ahhh what beautiful memories and photos. Thanks for sharing the love you share with your family. Made my heart happy today!!!! laurie

    1. We all need to have our hearts made happy right now. Since you are with a private school what will be their plans for the fall?

    2. Face to face with masks/shields and more togetherness. i.e. I eat lunch in the room with my kids and probably will also have to go to recess with them.....Our class size is already capped at 15 and we may have less than that depending on what parents decide. Public schools or homeschooling might be a route for some. I just know I can't do virtual learning any longer. Not with 1st grade students.

    3. There just isn't a good solution! I hope you stay safe.

  2. We don't always get together at Christmas. Too much weather and now that more are in school its tougher. Hope it's a world where it's safe for those that can!