Thursday, July 16, 2020

Fixes and Fails - Conditioning the rubber

If you don't know, all of those slides on RVs are sealed with rubber seals, so if you want to keep the weather out, you may want to condition them.

We are using 3-IN-ONE RV care Rubber conditioner.
Here's me using the ladder from last week

You spray the conditioner on the seal
And then you spread it around with a cloth
The seal runs the length of the slide, but I don't have 10' arms, so I only got about 3' on either end

Do both sides of the seals, though the inside side is tough to get to, so I just sprayed it on a cloth and ran it along where I could get my hand in.
Do the seals on windows and storage compartments too
One last shot of the ladder, while I treat the door seal

Ann was happy to have me do the Blog tonight as it is slow getting the photos from the phones to the Internet.  Usually, when the park Wifi is slow, we tether the PC off the phone and get better speed.  But here in Lac La Belle, MI we have no Verizon phone service!  So, we actually enable Wifi calling on our phones to even be able to make or receive calls.


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