Friday, July 24, 2020

Off exploring without Krikkit

 Echo Rock

Thursday we took a nostalgic tour through the Wisconsin Dells and Lake Delton.  We went down memory lane, seeing the places we had been on past trips here:  restaurants, campgrounds, water resorts, and attractions.  It was fun reminiscing!  We continued on to Mirror Lake near Baraboo, WI.  Krikkit was a little under the weather so she stayed at the RV.  Pat and I took the Echo Rock Trail.  Part of it was paved and the rest had wood chips.  We climbed up on Echo Rock to see what we could see.  There are several other trails so we will probably go back.  There were only a few people here.  

Looking out from the top of Echo Rock.  On the right, on the far shore behind the trees, is a supper club located within the State Park.

Along side the roads as we left the park there were continuous dense flowers of various kinds.

Coming back through the Wisconsin Dells we stopped at Kernel Popcorn for a snack.

Friday required a trip to Blain's Farm and Fleet in Baraboo for dog-food.  Krikkit has eaten Nutro most of her life.  The only time recently we tried a different brand (because we couldn't get Nutro) her system didn't handle it very well.  Also, due to space we don't want to get anything bigger than a 15 pound bag.  We found Nutro Senior in a 5 lb. bag at Blain's which will last us until we get to Iowa. Krikkit stayed back at the RV again today. We stopped at the Tin Roof Dairy Ice Cream store before leaving town.  Pat had a no-sugar added cashew and caramel in a sugar cone, and I had a non-dairy, passion fruit ice in a small waffle cone, dipped on the top in chocolate and sprinkles.  Devil's Lake State Park was close so we thought we would check out their trails and maybe see Balanced Rock or Devil's Doorway.  Let's say we didn't even make it to those trails!  The first clue should have been the parking lots outside the park and the sign at the entrance announcing one park lot was full!  There were people everywhere.  We drove through the park and said no thanks. No way to social distance and even with masks we don't care to get that close. 

I have been looking for sweet corn, just a little jealous of my brother and his Iowa corn.  We found a farm market close to our campground.  They were, of course, still a week or more away from local corn up here.  We did get some corn from who knows where.  Technically it's all "home-grown" right???  This place reminded me of the apple orchard we used to go to when our middle son, Eric, and his family lived in Wisconsin, although I don't remember all of the fun kids stuff costing money.  Here the toys and activities, and there were a lot of nice ones, cost $7.  We got the corn, a tomato and a zucchini.  Don't want to get much food, as we want to use up what we have before we take the RV into Thor in just over a week.  Coming back through Baraboo we finished off our stomachs with cheese curds from Culvers.  Tonight was supposed to be pizza night on the grill, but neither of us felt like we needed anything more to eat.  We are stuffed!

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