Saturday, July 25, 2020

Is that really a brownie???

I want to stress that we travel responsibly! 

We look for low Covid areas to go to, social distance, stay away from crowds, often stay at the RV on weekends if the area is busier (realizing that working people and their families often only have then to be outside), wear masks (required or not, inside and even outside if there are a lot of people around), try to do our site-seeing outside, don't go to restaurants, carry-out infrequently (we don't normally eat out much anyway), order our groceries for pick-up when we can, if we have to go to a store only 1 of us goes in, if we visit with anyone at the RV parks it's from afar, wash hands frequently, and use sanitizer.  Please, for our sake and yours, wear your mask!  We feel very fortunate to be able to continue to travel.

There are a lot of people in this area so Pat can just sit here all day like he wants. I have been doing laundry all day. I guess one of us is "living the dream," and it isn't me!

Pat grilled pizza tonight. It was perfect. A hot, humid day, with a generator running next to us a good share of the day (another story, but he finally left). It was finally quiet, with a little breeze, so we grabbed a bottle of Bevoir semi-sweet rose wine, Naked Pink, and ate outside.

Pat is correct, it looks like Krikkit did her job in my mug!  Actually its a walnut brownie made in a mug.  Look at Krik.  I think I have mentioned she LOVES chocolate, and no, she didn't get any.


  1. Just saying, we've been having sweet corn with our pizza (or maybe pizza with our sweet corn)

    1. Rub it in! The corn we got from the Farm Market was from somewhere else in WI and it was pretty good. As a rule I just don't care for most vegetables. The there's corn, particularly on the cob, that I LOVE, but it doesn't like me. I always pay the price. Of course I can't quit at one ear so I make it worse. The sad part is it's still worth it!

  2. I saw that on Facebook.☹ Pat has another nephew and his girlfriend in DesMoines that had/has it but it appeared to be mild.