Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Voyageurs National Park--another one to scratch off the map

It's been a while but we have another National Park to scratch off the list.  Today was an explore day in Voyageurs.  Voyageurs is a water-based park with lots of interconnecting water ways, meaning exploring most of it requires doing it from the water.  We also went to Vermilion Falls Overlook, not in the National Park, but on our way home.  

Upper Vermilion Falls

Closest to us were 2 of the 3 Voyageurs visitor centers, Kabetogama Lake and Ash River.  The furthest one of those two was about 40 minutes from us.  None of the visitor centers were open, but we drove around the areas and walked on a path.  We were limited because we had Krikkit and pets are only allowed on the parking lots of the visitor centers and not many trails.  I'm excited for our water taxi tour tomorrow to see some of the areas only accessible by water.

Our main stop was at the Ash River Visitor Center.  There we found Kabetogama Lake Overlook.  The short trail to the overlook allowed dogs. The visitor center itself it located in the historic Meadwood Lodge.  It was up some steps so Pat took that hike. 

Kabetogama Lake in the background

Kabetogama Lake

Kabetogama Lake

I went out on the furthest rock to get a picture and Pat captured my graceful return.  He said not to worry, he was ready to hit video if I fell in!

Ash River Visitor's Center located in the historic Meadwood Lodge

Lake view from the visitor's center

On our way home we decided to turn the other direction from our campground when we reached the town of Orr.  We took another 40 minute drive to Vermilion Falls Overlook in Superior National Forest.  It included 6 miles in and back out on a gravel road.  Pat said it had better be worth it. When we got out of our car you could already hear the roar.  It wasn't as tall as some, but the volume and speed made up for the height.   It was definitely worth the gravel road.  The Vermilion river, falls, and trail get their name from the brownish-red water.  It doesn't make for good swimming  due to the murky water and LEECHES! 

Upper Falls

Lower falls

Looking down at Pat and lower falls

Lower Falls

Pool at the bottom 

If the videos below don't work I will repost them tomorrow with help.  We do not have good phone or internet service here, so that along with a technologically inept operator, made for things not going too smoothly tonight!

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